European airports increase tax on foreign passengers

The price of tickets for low-cost airlines for a specific route has a much larger spread than that of regular airlines. It depends on the time to departure, demand and competition on the route. Unlike regular airlines, low-cost airlines rarely offer cheap tickets more than 3 months before departure. This is because canceling a flight for which tickets have been sold is much easier than canceling a flight for which 100 tickets have been sold, so they stimulate demand only several months before departure when the flight schedule is already more stabilized. This is due to the desire to maintain flexibility in planning the route grid over the long term.

The price will depend on the demand for a particular flight. Low-cost airline tickets purchased at the cheapest fare cannot be returned or exchanged. The cheapest tickets are usually sold 15 days before departure. However, it cannot be said that when buying a ticket on the last day, you will definitely pay cosmic money.

They will not feed you either. Although you will be able to buy lunch during the flight. However, given the flight time (in Europe it is usually no more than 2-3 hours), you, quite possibly, will not have time to get hungry.

One more stage, one more limo, one more run for your life.

John Lennon

The advantage of using of rental cars

A standard cabine-size suitcase. Probably, this option is not very suitable for a long trip, but if you decide to fly from Portugal to neighboring Spain for the weekend, then such a small suitcase is quite enough. The main thing is to follow the rules for carrying hand luggage: put scissors out of the cosmetic bag and pour all the shampoos-gels into bottles. Air carriers do not include baggage in the ticket price. For each piece of checked baggage, you will have to pay around 30$. Most fly only with hand luggage. You can take on board only one piece of hand-luggage (that is, a laptop bag must be put into a backpack, for example), and it must meet the requirements that the airline imposes on luggage. Sometimes at the check-in counters you may be asked to lower your suitcase into a special box in order to understand that it fits the size.

Despite the fact that many consider it more rational to go on the road in the evening, in order to go in the afternoon or even in the morning to meet the holiday joys and local attractions, we will try to refute this statement. Firstly, in the morning the probability of a flight delay is slightly lower than in the evening, and secondly, in the morning there is less turbulence, which makes the flight more comfortable for aerophobes. So, if that matters to you, try reconsidering your travel departure times.

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Gives energy
  • Makes you more active
  • Relieves fatigue

It’s interesting to travel. New discoveries, impressions and acquaintances, good rest and many pleasant little things – all this makes the vacation bright and eventful. The smoother and more serene the trip is, the more pleasure you can get from the trip, and the longer the good mood will remain after its completion.

Things you didn’t know about airport transfers

Long waiting times for departure, protracted check-in procedures at the airport, and the flight itself are rather tiresome, so they can spoil the tourist’s mood and worsen the impressions of even the most desired trip.

How to make your flight comfortable? We’ve prepared five simple yet powerful travel tips for you to help make your flight experience much more enjoyable than it ever could have been.

It is difficult for a person who is accustomed to regularly move around the city in his own car to change to public transport. But even the best car needs repairs from time to time, which sometimes take a long time. There may also be a forced “pause” between the sale of an old car and the purchase of a new one.

Different types of modern limousines

What to do in such situations if you cannot imagine your life without a car? The most reasonable solution is to use a car rental service. The cost of this service is relatively low. And the convenience of independent use of the car is much higher than the constant calls and waiting for a taxi.

Before picking up the transport from the rental point, be sure to take a test drive. Evaluate how quickly the car warms up, whether the engine runs smoothly. Take a test drive with the rental car manager present. Take only the car that performed well on a similar test drive.

Carefully re-read the agreement before signing it, make sure that everything is clear to you and you agree with all the points of the agreement. There are several types of car rentals: unlimited mileage (usually more expensive) and fixed mileage (surcharge for each extra kilometer). Inspect the vehicle carefully for: scratches, chips and other possible damage to the body, glass and inside the car.

Try to take a car from trusted companies that have branches in different cities.


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